“Accelerating the growth of global fitness communities to create healthier & happier lifestyles.”



What if we told you that there was a better way to grow your business, make more money than ever before, monopolize your market, and finally live your ideal lifestyle of fitness and financial freedom?

In 2021, we at Supafitgyms designed a solution to help gym owners and fitness studio owners accelerate the growth of their fitness communities, all over Australia, the USA, and Europe.

The result was the Supafitgyms Membership Acceleration Program – designed to free up your time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our masterful program allows you to:

Increase membership subscriptions

Promote the sales of your various products and services

Increase your revenue, year after year

Generate warm leads

Cultivate a culture of health and happiness in your area

Now in 2022 – with the global pandemic still at large, it is clear that our powerful program needs leveraging.

It’s a win-win for you, and your clients.

When you partner with us, not only will you reap the benefits of booming business, but you’ll also be part of our world-wide mission:

To accelerate the growth of over 100,000 gym communities worldwide – creating healthier & happier lifestyles throughout the globe.



As a gym owner or founder of a fitness community – you spend your time finding the best ways to help people grow to their full potential.

Whether its body building, mobility, flexibility, or a dynamic dance session, you’re the expert when it comes to physical development.

But what about the development of your gym or studio?

At Supafitgyms, we see your fitness business as an extension of you – and we want to help you accelerate the growth of your fitness community in the same way. Late nights, early starts, developing fresh and fun programs, keeping those membership numbers up – it takes a lot of effort to seem effortless.

But at the end of the day, you still worry about staying relevant, how to grow your business, and how to build the lifestyle you want until it really does become effortless.

Our program is ideal for:

Gym      Yoga studios
Sports rehabilitation centers
Cross-fit programs       Martial arts studios
Pilates/barre studios     Any group training
 Or any other fitness studio franchise


With so many years in the industry, we’ve seen fitness providers become burned out from their efforts to attract more members.

Are you tired of developing high-value promotion packages at bargain prices, only to be met with rejection?

Are you sick of paying for the self-proclaimed experts or advertising gurus for new programs and services that cost you more than you can even make back?

We know the answer is a resounding yes – and we’re here to take that huge weight off your shoulders.



Any programs or services that aren’t specifically targeted to your ideal market will always be a waste of time and money – no matter what discounts or bonuses you offer.

In fact, most fitness businesses have no idea that they suffer from this common pitfall: paying for unnecessary or redundant ‘solutions’.

But with our DFY appointment setting, and thorough understanding of your ideal target market – we reduce redundancies and achieve results.

That’s why our program is more than just a way to generate more clients – it’s a strategic imperative of your business budget.

And here’s the thing: There is no better time than right now.


To accelerate the growth of global fitness communities to create healthier & happier lifestyles.


To revolutionise the fitness industry by radically transforming how gym owners can use new systems & processes to create their ultimate dream lifestyle.


Samuel Deegan

(Head of Operations)

My name is Sam. I am THE technowizard of Supafitgyms. Building operations and scaling companies are my thing. In my spare time I like to study a variety of things such as history, logic and philosophy. Leading a healthy lifestyle through both nutrition and fitness is extremely important to me which is why I am passionate about my work at Supafitgyms, where we help gym owners like yourselves to enrich their communities by promoting their services.

Ethan Broyles

(Head of Fulfillment)

My name is Ethan Broyles, I live in Norman, Oklahoma in the US of A! I enjoy Formula 1 (its the only sport I watch religiously), cycling, & making things! My passion for health through swimming, cycling, HIIT ect. lead me to pursue marketing for local gyms because I saw first hand the difference gyms/studios make in our local communities – not just in the US but all over the world! I love helping people find their passion for their own health through our marketing strategies!

Michael Friedman

(Co-Founder) Married with two gorgeous children I reside in my beautiful birth town of Melbourne, Australia. I am an ultramarathon runner and enjoy long-distance trail running in the hills of the Dandenong’s, Victoria. Degree qualified in Marketing, I have worked in the corporate sector in Sales and Marketing for over 15 years. In 2019 I felt an innate desire to run my own business so I can directly help others reach their business goals using my knowledge and experience. As a person who deeply values health and fitness, I have aligned our service with an industry that has a special meaning to me. This has helped me grow as an individual whilst forming life-long friendship with incredible people globally. My mission is to partner with the world’s top fitness studios so together we can enrich more people to live better, fitter & healthier lifestyles!

Benjamin Donhardt


I’m a fitness studio owner with my partner Louise and father to 4 young boys living in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. From a young age, I have always had a passion for health and fitness, competing in various individual and team sports. At the age of 24, I enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy, pushing me far outside my comfort zone, building new relationships, developing and learning new skills. This was a vital part of the transition into my entrepreneurial journey which led to opening my first fitness studio in 2015. I have owned, run, and managed fitness studios throughout the world giving me the opportunity to share my passion for living a true, healthy, and happy life through all forms of health and fitness. This has allowed me to create lifelong relationships in my business and personal life. Let’s face it, “the effect you have on others is the richest currency there is”. My mission is to help everyone live to their truest potential, create a life of freedom and opportunity through a real, raw, and no-bullshit approach!


This program is not a 12-week course, a 450-page book, or a quick workshop – it’s a system that is designed to cultivate success.
The core tenet of Supafitgyms is that no amount of theory can provide the benefit of one actionable plan.
Just like your clients will not see results from reading copious fitness material, you will also not see results from generic advice.
Our program works like a formula – you plug in the right information and you get the right results.


Our program provides an all-encompassing system to help a gym grow, across 4 strategic pillars…

Lead generation: We market your fitness offerings on Facebook and Instagram – the platforms most receptive to advertising.

Lead nurturing:A combination of our specialized CRM management system and Internal sales agents means you’ll never have to worry about converting leads.
Conversion: We provide coaching on the hottest, proven strategies and scripts to increase your sales.
Retention:Conversion isn’t the last step, retention is. We make sure that you have the necessary training on techniques to retain members and grow an organic fitness community.

The result?


You can make more money than ever before from your fitness empire – while working ON the business, not IN it. That means you can finally enjoy the life of fitness freedom you’ve been dreaming of…

Want to get started?

We’re not just a digital marketing or advertising agency – we’re fitness fanatics who know the ins and outs of this thriving industry and have the foresight to anticipate new trends as they emerge.

With our proven techniques, expert coaching and successful systems – the Supafitgyms Membership Acceleration Program will maximize your revenue to truly give you the life you always dreamed of as a gym owner.

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Dev – Empowa Women’s Fitness

“We’ve doubled our revenue in about 3 months, bouncing back from COVID lockdowns”

Tristan – Witness The Fitness

“We’ve already increased our monthly recurring revenue by $8k in just 4 months”

Tom – Canberra Martial Arts

“We just recently signed up our 100th members using the Supafitgyms system”

Brandt – Fitzroy Martial Arts

“On our best month we did 57 new clients. It’s so good to have him onboard working with us as it’s freed up my time so I can work on my business”

Sam – Core 9 Fitness

“The results I’ve seen I am super happy with. I have been in the industry for 20 years. I have grown my club my additional 80 members over the last 12 weeks”

Tim – 4 U Body Fitness

“He has simplified Facebook Ads for us. To have something like lead generation with a button turned on and the leads just come to you is fantastic. We have been working with him for 2.5 months, and we received 200 leads in that time”

Joe – Fenrir Strength

“We’ve been working with Michael at Friedman Media for two months and in the last week we have cracked more numbers than we have ever had”